One touch to removes make up & sunscreen, very clean (Authorised Reseller)
MYR 99.00
Oil free water based toner for oily & combination skins (Authorised Reseller)
MYR 189.00
Repairs damaged hairs due to constant perming, colouring & styling. It contains apple extracts to nourish our hair & scalp. It also eliminates excess sebum on our hair and strengthen the follicles to prevent hair loss (Authorised Reseller)
MYR 169.00
Eliminates unpleasant odours (Authorised Reseller)
MYR 139.00
Broad-spectrum moisturizer to help relieve itchiness caused by dry skin. (Authorised Reseller)
MYR 189.00
Milk cleanser - without irritating your skin. Suitable for eczema/sensitive skins too as it is SLS/SLES free. Low foam & all skin types. Rich blend of hydrators– ceramide3, beta-glucan & with aloe vera extracts. (Authorised Reseller)
MYR 129.00
Skin Rejuvenation BB Cream with SPF 29 PA++. It helps in wound recovery that prevent future scarring with anti blemishes properties. It can be used immediately after any clinical procedures to enhance wound recovery with UV protection too. Can be home use too (Authorised Reseller)
MYR 109.00
Powder type enzyme based cleanser. Can be used as scrub too to clear off dead skins for better face’s glow. Double cleansing with coconut & papaya based surfactants. Skin friendly (Authorised Reseller)
MYR 159.00
Gel type cleanser suitable for use on back, chest skin with acne. (Authorised Reseller)
MYR 169.00
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