dr.eslee Anti-Sebum After Skin AC Lotion 100ml

Oily Skin

3-in-1 moisturizing emulsion that controls excess sebum. (Authorised Reseller)

MYR 199.00

dr.eslee Anti-Sebum After Skin AC Lotion 100 ml 


3 IN 1 Type emulsion that contains toner, moisturizer & whitening essence. Suitable for men and those in a hurry. Can be used by all skin types


1. Herbal ingredient - saururus for it's anti bacterial properties

2. Kiwi & aloe extracts to soothe irritated skins & improving the skin tone

3. Hyaluronic acid & beta glucan for intensive moisturizing

4. Niacinamide to reduce pigmentation & blemishes, non greasy & oil free for a moisturizing feel









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