Oil free spot care gel that intensively cares & improves skin blemishes & eliminates acne
MYR 89.00
Repairs damaged hairs due to constant perming, colouring & styling. It contains apple extracts to nourish our hair & scalp. It also eliminates excess sebum on our hair and strengthen the follicles to prevent hair loss
MYR 169.00
Gel type cleanser suitable for use on back, chest skin with acne.
MYR 169.00
Cleansing Foam for oily skin, combination & normal skin types, free of Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate!
MYR 129.00
3-in-1 moisturizing emulsion that controls excess sebum.
MYR 199.00
An excellent bubble cleanser for those with sensitive skins. Suitable for intimate areas too. Cleansing without irritating. Plant based surfactant to balance your face pH level and skin friendly.
MYR 109.00
ENDOR Anti-Aging Eye Contour (15ml) come with ENDOR Exfoliating Mousse (150ml)
MYR 470.00
ENDOR Anti-Aging Eye Contour (15ml) come with ENDOR Cleansing Milk (150ml)
MYR 470.00
ENDOR Anti-Aging Eye Contour (15ml), ENDOR Cleansing Milk (150ml) and ENDOR Exfoliating Mousse (150ml)
MYR 590.00
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