Oil free spot care gel that intensively cares & improves skin blemishes & eliminates acne
MYR 78.00
Anti-hair loss / Irritation shampoo (400ml)
MYR 148.00
Daily Cleanser / Powder type cleanser containing papain enzyme.
MYR 148.00
Gel-based moisture cream that provides excellent moisture retention
MYR 188.00
Eliminates unpleasant odours
MYR 118.00
Intensive moisturizing cream to help relieve itching caused by dryness.
MYR 178.00
Broad-spectrum moisturizer to help relieve itchiness caused by dry skin.
MYR 168.00
Lightly foaming cleanser for dry and sensitive skin.
MYR 108.00
Skin rejuvenation BB cream with 100% mineral UV filters
MYR 98.00
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