Gel type cleanser suitable for use on back, chest skin with acne.
MYR 148.00
Cleansing Foam for oily skin, free of Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate!
MYR 118.00
3-in-1 moisturizing emulsion that controls excess sebum.
MYR 188.00
Moisturizing hand cream for dry and tired hands.
MYR 88.00
Precious body is a low-acid cleanser for pH balance.
MYR 98.00
Rejuvenating & moisturizing balm to manage pigmentation, blemishes and spot care
MYR 148.00
Toner to prevent skin problems by controlling excess sebum. Suitable for normal, oily & combination skins
MYR 148.00
Bubble type foam cleanser suitable for use on skin with acne
MYR 148.00
Moisturizing soothing mask for stressed skins. Moisturizing & suitable for all skin types
MYR 84.00
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