dr.eslee ODORNIX Armpit Spray

All Skin Type

Eliminates unpleasant odours (Authorised Reseller)

MYR 139.00

Eliminates body odours causing bacteria with a patented formula. Ajou Medical University clinically tested it for effectiveness


Ordinary deodorants are masking the smell and can cause the skin to darken.

  •  Eliminates unpleasant odours

  •  Not a masking fragrance, safe for all skin types

  •  Clinically tested by Ajou Medical University, Korea. Patented

  •  Upside down spray functions for ease of usage









Unpleasant Armpit odour is caused by the bacteria that eat our skin proteins that are secreted from sweat glands.

Ordinary deodorant products conceal unpleasant smell by strong fragrance & block our pores & discolouration.


🌟Odornix Armpit Spray 🌟kills the bacteria with natural lavender oil & camphor to keep our skin fresh and clean

Just spray twice a day for whole day protection




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